About Us


Growing Together

There is nothing more exciting to us than the evolution of indoor and outdoor gardening. Supplying our community with quality growing mediums and equipment is only a part of our mission. Sharing all that we have learned and gaining knowledge from our many experienced and accomplished patrons has been pivotal to our growth. We want to share that growth with everyone looking to explore indoor and outdoor gardening. 


The Way To Grow

We offer an extensive array of products for the indoor and outdoor gardener. Our inventory includes organic soils and fertilizers, a wide variety of nutrient lines, growing tents, fans, high intensity grow lights, natural and organic pesticides, pots/containers, and multiple growing medium options. We also carry items for air filtration, seeding, cloning, as well as timers and controllers for automation. 

Christy Lee' And Jonathan Marshall

Personal Growth

In Grown Gardens is owned and operated by Jonathan and Christy Lee' Marshall. The Marshall family's passion for growing began in Colorado. Jonathan found himself fascinated by the ingenuity and practical uses of indoor gardening during his time in Lafayette, where hydroponics already had strong roots. Christy Lee' found herself pregnant with thier oldest child, Fox. After gaining all the knowledge and experience they could, the couple packed it up and returned to New Hampshire. Their hope being to spread their love and knowledge of growing, and so began In Grown Gardens.