In The Know - NH Marijuana Legislation


Small Victories

Mid September saw the final decision on HB 364, a bill that would have allowed New Hampshire medical marijuana patients to cultivate their own cannabis. The bill passed the House with a veto proof majority but did not have the same success in the Senate. The body voted 13-11 in favor of the bill, not enough to override Governor Chris Sununu veto. A bill request was immediately submitted for 2020, but it appears yet another year will pass before we see more progress for medical cultivation. 

Medical marijuana patients were able to celebrate at least one victory, with the passing of SB 88. On Sept 18th and 19th the New Hampshire House and Senate overrode Governor Sununu's veto of the bill. SB 88 did away with the mandate requiring patients to have a three month relationship with their provider before they can be prescribed medical cannabis. The bill is due to kick in 60 days after passing. This means that as of mid November patients with new providers will no longer have to wait three months to gain access to their prescriptions.